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About our company

Established in 1987, with a new dimension and perspective.

Bonjour is a brand of sweat and grime. A brand of years of unstinted hard work and tryst with quality culture.

Bonjour was conceived to be a leader in more ways than one. Innovative high quality designer products have been our commitment throughout the years.

Bonjour provides a wide range of practical and elegant stainless steel vacuum flasks, Airpots, insulated tiffins, Casseroles, and other stainless steel and household plastic products throughout the country.

Bonjour serves a unique combination of steel and plastic in its creations.

Bonjour: Your lifetime companion, with its elegant and classic utility items promises to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Bonjour is the single largest manufacturer and seller of technically advanced Airpot pumping flask for tea-coffee venders at most affordable price as our Corporate Social Responsibility, helping economically weak segments in our society for employment and livelihood generation.


We generally require 48 business hours to get back to you.

Yes, all Bonjour products are food-grade. We ensure that the raw-materials used in our products are food-grade and do not have negative health-effects on our consumers. 

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce reusable plastic products, such as baby bottles, toddler sippy cups and plastics you might use for storing leftover food. Bonjour builds BPA-Free products.


we Work


Trust is what we build


Quality is our trademark


Innovation is what sets


our clints

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